• 11/03/2008 TESTFREAKS / by Kristofer Brozio

    "The bgears b-Enspirer sound card add a whole new dimension to the audio experience of your PC. It’s got a whole slew of options and many features that make this a great addition to not only an HTPC, but any PC at all. Your ears will thank you for installing this card!..."

  • 04/09/2007 Atomic / by Damien Virulhapan

    "The b-Enspirer is definitely an excellent alternative to Creative, offering features not found on its range of cards and delivering the sound quality to back it up. If you value every single CPU ... "

  • 03/08/2007 PC Advisor Magazine / by Michael Haynes

    "It's incredibly feature-rich, has excellent software and, in our opinion, is the best card around at this price. Creative may have the name, but if you rank results ahead of reputation, this..."!"

  • 01/31/2007 Computer Shopper / by Denny Atkin

    "...The b-Enspirer, on the other hand, is unusual in supporting 3D audio over the digital S/PDIF connection, allowing for full surround-sound gaming using only a single optical cable,..."

  • 01/04/2007 Elite Bastards / by Hanners

    "...it's 'feature rich'. C-Media's 8788 chip proves to be an excellent choice in this respect, giving users access to the full range of Dolby Digital and DTS functionality currently on the market..."

  • 12/13/2006 PenStar Systems / by Josh Walrath

    "...Simply put this card has some of the cleanest analog outputs currently available. Bluegears has done an impressive job in getting such a feature packed product to market, and at a price..."

  • 11/18/2006 Dev Hardware / by Rich Smith

    "I feel it would be unjust to give this product anything but a perfect 10 out of 10, and Dev Hardware's coveted Platinum award."

  • 10/23/2006 DragonSteelMods / by Dracos

    "All I have to say is WOW, the surround is amazing, I just wish I could leave it like that forever but that won't happen, kids have to sleep ya know! 5 out of 5!"

  • 10/11/2006 Bjorn3d.com / by Olin Coles

    "...if you are already part of the growing population who insist on only the best, then the BlueGears b-Enspirer is clearly the sound card for you. I can't say enough about the sound quality...9.5 out of 10!"

  • 10/05/2006 OVERCLOCKERS New Zealand / by Hans Chang

    "All in all, Bluegears b-Enspirer is a great card to get for those who are looking to digitally connect the PC to the DTS or Dolby Digital decoder/amplifier."

  • 09/26/2006 Virtual-Hideout / by Temujin

    "Wow! Battlefield 2 is one of the most recent titles with various mods and expansion packs that have kept it a well played game...If you are considering a new sound card solution and have..."