• 10/07/2008 HARDWAREsecrets / by Gabriel Torres

    "B-Envi is an HTPC case targeted to users that want to build a home theater PC and/or to gamers that are looking for a light and small case to make it easier to carry his computer to LAN parties..."

  • 10/01/2008 3DXtreme / by Dean Nottis

    The bgears b-Envi is a killer litter Case and for a little over $100 is well worth the value. If you are shopping for a HTPC, the b-Envi might just be the Case you've been shopping for. Aluminum construction, removable 2.5" HD bay, 58-in-1 card reader, ... "

  • 05/05/2008 Overclockers Club / by Makaveli

    "If you're looking for a sleek MicroATX case that will impress your friends, provide great airflow, is lightweight, and you don't mind hearing your CPU heatsink's fan, do yourself a favor and pick up the Bgears b-Envi MicroATX case - you won't regret it!"

  • 03/26/2008 Virtual-Hideout / by Sludge

    "When I first looked at the b-Envi enclosure, I thought the front panel controls were either hidden or on the side of the bezel. Boy, was I surprised when I flipped through the manual and found out they were touch sensitive.....As for gaming or LAN,..."

  • 03/20/2009 TechwareLabs / by Justin Washick

    "...this is a quality case marketed to the gaming community. It is both feature-filled and flashy. If you have relatively large hands you'll struggle to set up your system, but your effort will be rewarded..."

  • 03/01/2008 Hardwarelogic / by Blake Terhune

    "...you get a hard drive enclosure and 58-in-one card reader with a case! With the extra little things like a clear manual, stealthed drive bay, front touch panel, good looks, and reasonably easy installation process, there is a lot to like about the b-Envi..."

  • 02/24/2008 Modders-Inc. / by tech-daddy

    "...The 58-in-1 media reader is a very nice addition, but most notably is the USB hard drive chassis and the inclusing of a hot docking bay with a bezel that will flip up and disguise it. Kick ass!..."

  • 02/19/2008 DragonSteelMods / by Kristofer Brozio

    "The b-Envi is an all aluminum case making it very lightweight and portable with room for two hard drives and one optical drive. The first thing that struck me about this case was the fact that there are no buttons on it, it features a touch sensitive panel..."