• 08/06/2009 OverclockersHQ / by Munk

    "I must say the new line up from Bgears is awesome. These fans are nothing like I’ve seen before they give that extra little bit to your case modding touch and ad great functionality along with aesthetics..."

  • 03/21/2007 Virtual-Hideout / by Sludge

    "The ability to change the colors of the LED's on the b-flexi is the nicest option to have on a LED fan. Some days you may want a different color or no color at all. The b-cool120 is definitely cool in the way it's able to display the RPM..."

  • 02/27/2007 Bjorn3D.com / by Victor Wu

    "Both b-cools and b-flexi fans will receive 8.5 (very good) out of 10 for their excellent performance and the added bonus of cool light shows..."

  • 01/31/07 Dev Hardware / by Rich Smith

    "...the performance of the BGears b-flexi fans in my computer system, I have decided that they fully deserve a rating of 10 out of 10, and Dev Hardware Platinum Award..."

  • 01/02/07 Modders-Inc.com / by Tazz

    "The b-flexi fans receive a thumbs up for bringing a little extra to the table over the standard fan..."