• 11/1/2008 TESTFREAKS / by Kristofer Brozio

    "The bgears b-Tarantula power supply is a very good choice if you’re in the market for a modular PSU, it’s not only stable but quiet as well. The unique modular style of the b-Tarantula is very useful if you’ve got a cramped case or even a tight small form factor case, you can just bend the cables to connect..."

  • 2/20/2008 Modders-Inc. / by Tazz

    "Overall I was very pleased with the performance and stability of the b-Tarantula 650W unit. It comes in at a moderate price of around $130.00 US depending on where you buy it. I would have loved to be able to do a full load test, maybe we can..."

  • 2/19/2008 3DXtreme / by Dean Nottis

    "This is bgears first entry into the Power Supply market and they’ve done a nice job with the packaging and the pig tail modular design. The casing was solid with a single 13.5CM fan and honey comb exhaust panel."

  • 1/20/2008 Hi-Tech Reviews / by Kevin Elliott

    "The things we liked about this power supply far out number the dislikes, from its beautifully modular cable to the pig-tails they attach to.? These short pig-tails make attaching the needed cables far easier than trying to plug the cables into..."

  • 12/27/07 Overclockers Club / by ccokeman

    "When loading the system, the voltages rarely fluctuated from the readings at idle. The 12volt lines measured 12.10 volts each at idle and 12.09 volts under load. The 5volt and 3.3volt lines each had a fluctuation of only .01volts from idle to load.To say I was..."

  • 12/23/07 Virtual-Hideout / by Temujin

    "The shorter modular cabling coming out of the PSU did make installation easier in both the m998, Lian Li PC-A10 black version, and even the DangerDen Torture Rack. The cabling is nicer in that I didn't have to go fishing for the right angle to plug the connector in to the right socket.."