• 10/04/10 Tech Kings / by Inferno

    "Have a look for yourself, this is how I demonstrated this to people without telling them what it is or how it works. It puzzled them how this little cube that makes little rumbly noises, when placed on the table, suddenly becomes a speaker, a decent speaker at that! ..."

  • 01/22/10 OverclockersHQ / by Munk

    "I used the Bgears Vibro on almost every surface you can think of around my office: desks, tables, boxes, plastic chairs, pretty much whatever I could get my hands one.

  • 01/19/10 ProClockers/ by Tony Walker

    "The bgears Vibro is a great little speaker that would be right at home sitting beside a laptop or smaller PC. The sound reproduction will really surprise you as it did us. If you are using a netbook or slightly larger laptop that has weak speaker for sound output, you will find the Vibro will easily outperform them..."

  • 02/17/10 ProClockers/ by Administrator

    "If you wish to have better audio reproduction from your laptop or netbook than
    you currently have the BGear ViBRO is just the device for you. With the sub-$30 dollar price tag this device in with in range of anyone pocketbook and it will do an admirable job of producing the bass and mid-range portion..."